Fine Art Prints From Upama

My first foray into photography began at the age of 14, when I was given a Canon Smart Camera for my birthday. That camera sparked a passion that has continued into my adult life. I take inspiration in everything that I see, and there is plenty to ponder and explore in the beauty of Australia and the bustling streets and fascinating architecture of India.

Places are fascinating, but there is an even greater beauty in people. Capturing the authenticity of people being themselves, lost in a moment, is a truly special thing. There is beauty in everyday objects, and in sunsets, sunrise, and other natural phenomenon, and my art shows off all of those things.

black and white photography.jpg


How you see the world is important for setting your outlook in life. With Upama Photography, I hope to show the side of the world that is full of potential. I relish in soaking up the beauty and the wonder in the world. My black and white photography highlights the beauty that is to be found in simplicity. My colour photography shows the splendour of the world around me, and I hope that the shots will help to show you the way that I view the world. If even one person sees these images and sees things from a new perspective through them then I consider my work to have been a success.

Light, Dark, Black and White

My light series shows the wonder of flame. From candles and matches to burning wicks, the flicker and dance of flame can be seen even in a still image. The contrast of bright flame on a dark background or golden dancing flame reflected in bright jewels is something that catches and please the eye. There is an innocence and a wonder in Diya that I hope to capture with my photographs. The Diya plays an important role in Hindu festivals.

My black and white series includes flowers, sculptures and more. There‚Äôs something about the way that shadows are cast and lines become distinctive that makes black and white photography particularly pleasing.  

The Agra series highlights the beauty of architecture and landscapes, and shows the wonders that are in the world. All too often, we are stuck looking at our phones, or looking down at the ground when we are walking around. If we take a moment to stop and look up, who knows what we will see?  These photographs preserve my memories of Agra. The Taj Mahal is perhaps the most iconic building, but to me what really stuck in my mind was the sunset and the way it tinged the sky and changed the way that everything looks.

Capturing the Moment

Photography is about capturing a snapshot in time. It can take dozens of shots to get the perfect moment. Some of my best photographs have been opportunistic, looking at something and seeing a beauty in it. Some of them, however, have taken days or weeks of watching and waiting, exploring and pondering to find the setting and the moment that truly expresses my thoughts.

Over the years, my equipment has moved on significantly from that first Canon Smart Camera, and so has my knowledge of photography. I still have some shots that I take pride in and love from those early days. I have put a lot of time into honing my craft, however, and I hope that you will see the same wonder that I do in the photographs that I have published here. If you like any of the prints, then please consider supporting my art by purchasing one of them. They are available in a number of different sizes and materials.

Photography means the world to me because it is how I show people the beauty that I see around me. Thank you for taking the time to look at my fine art prints. I hope that some of them will inspire you in the way that they have inspired me, and I hope that you will take something from the images - whether that is inspiration, comfort, wonder, or just a desire to see the places that I have visited with your own eyes. The world is there for you to enjoy.